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Mar 19, 2018

One thing that differentiates us Entrepreneurial Muslims from many others is that we have exceptionally high dreams and ambitions.

We don’t just want good, we want the best. That’s why it makes sense that a common goal we have is JANNATUL FIRDAUS.


The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “Al-Firdaus is the highest station of Paradise and its most expansive, and above that is the Throne of Ar-Rahman (the Most Merciful), and from it the rivers...

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How to Achieve High Performance in Business

Mar 15, 2018

(Summary of FB Live by Jairek Robbins, son of Tony Robbins)

When people are healthy, happy and fulfilled, they become positive nodes and begin to recreate the same experience to the people around them. This is how individuals can operate at their best.

We look at what the little and big things which help people be at their best every single day, focusing on their sleep, nutrition and exercise.

1) Optimise your Sleep

Here are some ways to optimise your sleep:
>>> Maintain a good...

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Mar 12, 2018

Are you a Facebook ad newbie and not sure how well your ads are performing?

One way to know if your ads are performing well (or not well) is by looking at your costs to acquire a customer.

In other words, the cost per acquisition (CPA) is how much it costs to get one person to sign up to your course, purchase your product or whatever your final objective is.

======= Calculate Your Ideal CPA ======

But first, answer the following two questions to calculate your *IDEAL* CPA.

1) What is the...

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Mar 08, 2018

As Muslim entrepreneurs, 10 Xing our businesses is not all about making more money, it’s about making a greater impact on the world.

If we have products or services which can help someone, anyone, better their lives then it is our duty and moral obligation to get it in their hands.

 Here are 3 ways you can 10 X your business and start creating a bigger impact on the world today! 

1) Increase the Prices of your Products.

Whenever I recommend anyone to charge more, I always get...

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Mar 05, 2018

Ever felt like you’re being stalked after seeing a Facebook advert of a product you were looking into buying?

Sorry to break it to you, but you ARE being stalked. And the culprit is much smaller than you think: a PIXEL.

Pixels are unique codes that you can easily add to your website pages to track your website visitors. Once installed, you can retarget your Facebook ads to those visitors based on their activity.

To find your unique pixel, go to the Menu at the top left of your Facebook...

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7 Ways to Beat Facebook’s New Algorithm Change

Mar 01, 2018

Facebook recently announced they would now be prioritising posts from friends and family over business brands on our newsfeed.

>>> What does that mean for us Facebook publishers and marketers?

Simply put, our content will have less organic visibility. This will result in LESS engagement and possibly even LESS time spent by most people on Facebook.

 If you’re like us and rely heavily on Facebook to get customers, here are 7 top moves you could use to beat the algorithm...

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Our 5 Step Business Model

Feb 26, 2018

The Entrepreneurial Muslim business model is simple and yet it has helped us generate good revenue, by the fadhal of Allah.

It is the same model that we promote and teach to our students, and today I'll show how you can use it to start or grow your own online business too, inshaAllah.

>>> What’s your Core Offer?

Firstly, let’s get clear on what the core offer actually is. We offer admission to our flagship Legacypreneur University which includes one-to-one business...

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