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Oct 08, 2018

Telling stories about your product and how it came into existence is a very effective marketing technique. Stories allow people to connect with you at an emotional level. This helps them to relate to you and builds trust at the same time.

Here’s one way you can use your backstory to market your product or service,

1) Do a Facebook live talking about how you came up with your product idea. Dig deep into the emotions you had before your idea, covering the struggles and pain points of your target audience, and then dig deep into the joyful emotions you felt after you achieved your goals.

2) Run an advert of only $5 a day with a video views objective.

3) Setup a re-targeting advert of your product or service, aimed at those who watched 50% or more of your video. You could do this by creating a custom audience on your new advert.

By following these simple steps, you can expect to not only get new leads, but also get a higher quality of leads - that is, people who are actually willing to buy your product or service. The first backstory video has successfully warmed and pre-framed the prospects for the sale.

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Nabila Sara Ahmed

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