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Mar 05, 2018

Ever felt like you’re being stalked after seeing a Facebook advert of a product you were looking into buying?

Sorry to break it to you, but you ARE being stalked. And the culprit is much smaller than you think: a PIXEL.

Pixels are unique codes that you can easily add to your website pages to track your website visitors. Once installed, you can retarget your Facebook ads to those visitors based on their activity.

To find your unique pixel, go to the Menu at the top left of your Facebook Advert Manager and select Pixels. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the two parts of your pixel:

>>> Base code - This tracks ALL the visitors to your website.

>>> Event code - This is placed on specific website pages that come after the visitor has taken a specific action, like the Thank You page after they have bought a product.

🎯 Here are 7 powerful event codes and how you can use them to stalk… I mean, retarget your visitors based on their specific actions.  🎯

1) View Content Event Code.

Once placed on a blog post on a specific topic, you could advertise your related products and services to those who read that post. The Facebook advert could say something like this,

>>> “So you’re interested in teaching Arabic to your kids? Make life easier for yourself and check out our Arabic for Kids Online Course.”

2) Search Event Code.

You could install this code with specific keywords on the search results page and then retarget people who searched for a specific product. Your advert could sound a little like this,

>>> “Salam sis, I noticed you’re interested in our ‘coloured abayas’. Here are some of our latest shades we know you’ll love.”

3) Lead Event Code.

Consider using this on the Thank You page after someone has opted in for your free PDF guide, to sell your main product.

>>> “Are your kids enjoying our FREE activity ebook? If yes, then they’ll go crazy over our printed version which is in full colour and has 100 extra fun activities and games.”

4) Complete Registration Event Code.

Again, placing this on the Thank You page of someone who registered for your webinar or online training allows you to remind and follow up with them.

>>> “Hope you loved our webinar. Sister Maryam loved it too. That’s why she enrolled onto our XYZ course and started making 4-figures within her first month, mashaAllah.”

5) Add to Wish List Event Code & Add to Cart Event Code.

If people add items to their wish list or cart, you could use these codes to send them reminders using specific images of the products. Also, the data you receive could give you valuable information about what the main interests of your audience are.

>>> “Everyone’s going nuts over our Halal Jelly Babies. Have you tried them yet?”

6) Initiate Checkout Event Code & Add Payment Info Event Code.

Some people just need an extra push. For those who had a credit card in their hands but got distracted, these codes will allow you to gently remind and get them to take action a liiiiiiittle bit faster.

>>> “Don’t miss out on our Elite Facebook Ads Mentoring Program! We’re only accepting 10 students and the spaces are going away pretty quickly.”

7) Purchase Event Code.

One of the best and often neglected ways to grow your business is through repeat-customers. By placing this code on the Thank You page after someone has purchased your product, you could advertise more related products and / or your higher-end offers.

>>> “Ready to take your dreams a step further? Apply now and get the one-to-one coach you need to write and publish your next best-seller with ease.”

The beauty of pixels is that they allow you to connect and re-engage with your prospects. This in turn helps you to find out what their interests are and gently push them to purchase your offer.

To learn more about Facebook pixels and how you can use them to retarget your target audience, feel free to PM me or apply for a FREE one-to-one coaching call at: >

Nabila S Ahmed 

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