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Mar 19, 2018

One thing that differentiates us Entrepreneurial Muslims from many others is that we have exceptionally high dreams and ambitions.

We don’t just want good, we want the best. That’s why it makes sense that a common goal we have is JANNATUL FIRDAUS.


The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “Al-Firdaus is the highest station of Paradise and its most expansive, and above that is the Throne of Ar-Rahman (the Most Merciful), and from it the rivers of Paradise are made to flow forth. So when you ask Allah, ask Him for Al-Firdaus.” [At-Tirmidhi]

Imagine the beautiful view, the sweet smells, the taste of delicious fruits, the peaceful sounds of the birds and rivers, the comfortable recliners and something extra special which is above all of that:

***Being Close to ALLAH, the Most Glorious, the Most High***

Here’s what Allah says about Jannatul Firdaus in the Qur’an:
“...These are indeed the inheritors. Those who shall inherit the Firdaus (Paradise). They shall dwell therein forever.” [al-Qur’an 23:10-11]

But, who exactly are the “inheritors” that Allah is referring to in this ayah? And what actions can we do to become one of these inheritors of Jannatul Firdaus? To understand these points, let me rewind to the beginning of this surah and tell you the EXACT description of them.


1) “Successful indeed are the believers.Those who offer their Salat (prayers) with Khushoo.” [al-Qur’an 23:1-2]

Khushoo' is attained by realising that you are speaking to Allah (swt), so much so that you love and are fully attentive of what you recite. Here are a couple of ways to achieve khushoo’:

>>> Understand what you are reciting. If Arabic is not your first language, learn the meanings and the explanation of what you recite in prayer.
>>> Reflect upon what you recite. Take time to pause and internalise the feelings of what you are reciting.
>>> Realise that Allah is watching and listening to you. Humble yourself and ask Him for anything. 
>>> Turn off the distractions around you. Forget what’s for dinner and put all the other thoughts in your head on hold. This is your time with your lord.

2) “And those who turn away from Al-Laghw.” [al-Qur’an 23:3]

“Al-Laghw” means any dirty, false, vain talk and all the things that Allah has forbidden. The inheritors of Jannah stay away from such unproductive and useless speech and actions. Here are a couple of steps you can take to stay clear of it too:

>>> Avoid lying, slandering, backbiting, cursing and swearing. 
>>> Stay away from any forms of disobedience to Allah.
>>> Before getting involved in any conversation or activity, ask yourself if it’s really beneficial to you or not.

3) “And those who pay the zakah.” [al-Qur’an 23:4]

Zakah here refers to purifying oneself and one’s wealth. How can we purify ourselves?

>>> Identify the flaws in our character such as anger, jealousy and gossiping, and make a proactive decision to overcome them.
>>> Give your zakah.

4) “And those who guard their chastity; Except from their wives or that their right hands possess, for then, they are free from blame; But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors.” [al-Qur’an 23:5-7]

Guarding chastity here means to protect ourselves from immorality. Here are a couple of ways we could guard our chastity;

>>> Fear Allah and think about your intentions before interacting with the opposite sex.
>>> Stay away from the things that pollute the eyes, heart and soul.

5) “Those who are faithfully true to their Amaanaat and to their covenants.” [al-Qur’an 23:8]

Amaanaat here refers to all the duties which Allah has ordained such as honesty, moral responsibility and trusts.We could uphold these duties by doing the following:

>>> Think through promises and trusts before making them.
>>> Be honest and stick to your promises and trusts.

6) “And those who strictly guard their prayers.” [al-Qur’an 23:9]

This ayah is about the five prayers which are obligatory upon Muslims. We can guard our prayers by;

>>> Praying on time.
>>> Praying with concentration.

“...These are indeed the inheritors. Those who shall inherit the Firdaus (Paradise). They shall dwell therein forever.” [al-Qur’an 23:10-11]

May Allah make us all from the inheritors of Jannatul Firdaus.

Nabila S Ahmed 

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