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Mar 08, 2018

As Muslim entrepreneurs, 10 Xing our businesses is not all about making more money, it’s about making a greater impact on the world.

If we have products or services which can help someone, anyone, better their lives then it is our duty and moral obligation to get it in their hands.

🚀 Here are 3 ways you can 10 X your business and start creating a bigger impact on the world today!  🚀

1) Increase the Prices of your Products.

Whenever I recommend anyone to charge more, I always get a funny urge to say, “...because you’re worth it.” But besides that ego-boost, here are a couple of fruits you can reap by increasing your prices.

>>> Earn more money is less time.
>>> The perceived value of your product or service increases.
>>> You’ll get more serious customers and clients who achieve results and / or are easily satisfied with their purchase.

2) Introduce Higher Priced Products Earlier on in your Funnel.

If you’re only selling $10 products, consider adding a product worth $100, $1000 or even $10,000. It is best to sell the higher-end products or services to people who have bought from you before. This is because they have experienced the value you have to offer and they trust you, making them more likely to buy from you again.

3) Add More Products or Services

Give customers or clients a selection of products or services to choose from so that their specific needs can be completely met. You could do this by;

>>> Adding more inventory.
>>> Adding more variety of a single product.
>>> Offer 3 or more packages of your service.
>>> Offer upsells and downsells to customers who have already committed to buy from yourselves .

***And oh yes you CAN do it***

The single most important step to apply any of these principles to your business is to correct your MINDSET. Believe that you can do it, commit to learning and growing, and take action!

To learn more about how you can 10 X your specific business, feel free to PM me or apply for a FREE one-to-one coaching call with one of our experts:

May Allah 10 X your blessings and more...

Nabila S Ahmed 

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