7 Ways to Beat Facebook’s New Algorithm Change
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7 Ways to Beat Facebook’s New Algorithm Change

Mar 01, 2018

Facebook recently announced they would now be prioritising posts from friends and family over business brands on our newsfeed.

>>> What does that mean for us Facebook publishers and marketers?

Simply put, our content will have less organic visibility. This will result in LESS engagement and possibly even LESS time spent by most people on Facebook.

👊 If you’re like us and rely heavily on Facebook to get customers, here are 7 top moves you could use to beat the algorithm change, without going against the rules.  👊

1) Encourage Meaningful Interactions

The likes, comments and shares you receive on a post is what helps Facebook rank your post as good or bad. If your post has high engagement, the chances are that it will appear higher up on the newsfeed.

Now, that doesn’t mean you start throwing out lots of content which has little value. Facebook ranks people according to their content. To increase your organic engagement rates, you have to post valuable content, even if it’s less often than usual.

Moreover, the trick is to focus on providing valuable content that readers CHOOSE to engage with. You could:

>>> Post information which educates and/or entertains your audience.

>>> Ask questions and engage with your audience.

>>> Start a debate: pose a theory and invite people to give their opinion.

>>> Ask for advice or input into your business.

>>> Share stories and encourage people to share their stories.

However, you cannot directly ask your audience for likes, shares or comments. Facebook will down-rank your post if you do so. This includes asking readers to vote, tag friends or engage in any type of baiting.

2) Test and Understand What Content Works

Find out which posts get the most engagement by looking into your Insights. Posts which have a high engagement rate connect best with your followers.

>>> Focus on creating more content based around those topics that your audience loves.

3) Use Video to Interact with your Audience

According to Social Media Today, videos shared on Facebook have a 135% higher chance of organic reach than a photo post. Furthermore, live videos get six times more engagement than non-live videos.

>>> Start a conversation with your viewers.

>>> Have a Q&A session or interview an expert.

4) Encourage Followers to Share your Content

The purpose of the algorithm change is to see more posts from your friends on your newsfeed. Therefore, whenever your fans post your branded content on their personal timeline, it increases your exposure to their friends.

>>> Offer your followers a few incentives to partner with you and share your content.

5) Start a Facebook Group

Facebook have been developing group functionalities which is a good sign that it will be growing in the future. Hence, it’s a great time to create a group focused on a particular topic related to your business.

>>> Engage with your audience by sharing valuable content, giving advice and sparking discussion topics.

6) Don’t fully rely on Facebook

This is just the beginning. Facebook will continue to change its rules which may consequently affect our business performance online. Therefore, we should begin to explore other platforms to engage our followers and provide them with valuable content and information about our products and services.

>>> Start an SEO-friendly blog, website or app with shareable content.

>>> Build an email list by collecting the email addresses of your prospects.

7) Learn Facebook Advertising

The fastest and most bullet-proof method to get your posts in front of your audience is by paying Facebook to boost and promote your posts. This way, you could target audiences based on their behaviour, interests and demographics.

The downfall is that Facebook plans to increase the advertising costs owing to less “space” left on newsfeeds for brands.

>>> Learn the latest Facebook marketing techniques.

Facebook will always be updating their rules. To stay ahead of the game, our businesses need to be able to find out and adapt to the newest marketing strategies around.

To learn more about Facebook marketing strategies, feel free to PM me or apply for a FREE one-to-one coaching call at:
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May Allah bless you with success in this life and the next.

Nabila S Ahmed 

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