How to Achieve High Performance in Business
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How to Achieve High Performance in Business

Mar 15, 2018

(Summary of FB Live by Jairek Robbins, son of Tony Robbins)

When people are healthy, happy and fulfilled, they become positive nodes and begin to recreate the same experience to the people around them. This is how individuals can operate at their best.

We look at what the little and big things which help people be at their best every single day, focusing on their sleep, nutrition and exercise.

1) Optimise your Sleep

Here are some ways to optimise your sleep:
>>> Maintain a good temperature of the room.
>>> Use certain plants that put more oxygen in the room to breath better.
>>> Use magnesium sprays that helps the heart to get better quality sleep.

2) Optimise your Strength

There was some research done on people who lived the longest. Most of these people lived in perpetual motion where they were constantly moving: standing, carrying and walking. Here is what we can learn from them:

>>> Keep moving constantly. Don’t sit down all day. 
>>> Have a trampoline that you jump on, every time you walk by. 
>>> Have a treadmill you hop on, every time you walk by. 
>>> Have some weights that you pick up,.every time you walk by.

3) Find a Deep Meaning and Purpose

There was a caretaker who said, “I sweep this path because I believe every human being deserves a clear path to walk on.” While saying this, he had so much joy in his face. He was doing something so simple but he had a deep meaning and purpose to it.

>>> Give deep meaning and purpose to everything that you do. Change “just cleaning” to “clearing a path for people.”

4) Build Emotional Intelligence

Here are four tips to build emotional intelligence:

a) Have Self Awareness

>>> Know who you are, what you need, what you love, what your strengths and weaknesses are.

b) Regulate What You Do

>>> Manage what you do.
>>> Keep consistent with what you say that you will do and what you actually do. 
>>> Meditate. This helps with mindfulness and making better decisions.

c) Be Motivated

>>> Have a motive behind what you’re doing, when you’re doing it.
>>> When you’re struggling, frustrated and feel like giving up, have the ability to find a motive and reason to drive you to move forward. Find a reason that compels you to keep going at a time when everyone is quitting.

d) Have Empathy

>>> Have emotional empathy where you can feel what other people feel.
>>> Have cognitive empathy where you can understand other people.
>>> Have compassion where you feel them, and then you use that to do something about it.

======= QUESTION & ANSWER =======


As an owner, you need to optimise two things:

1) Optimise Systems

>>> Understand what the goal is and where you are right now.
>>> What’s the obstacle is that’s stopping you from getting where you want to be.

Some people say that there are no obstacles. But if there weren’t any obstacles then you would have the end result. The obstacles can be time, a product or a service.

2) Optimise Personal Performance

Recruit A-players who:

>>> Are inspired by doing the work and not just the paycheque. 
>>> Are engaged by doing the work and love the process, every single day. 
>>> Are highly intrinsically motivated.
>>> Live by extremely high standards that are humanly possible.
>>> Take 100% ownership of what they do.

A-players give no excuses. They take ownership and say, “X is not done by Y time. I take ownership, I will make it right within this amount of time. Hold me to it and I’ll make it happen.” Let the A-players create a plan themselves on how they will overcome their obstacles and reach the result.

Have a clear way to measure how they will progress over 3 months, 6 months and a year. This could be a dashboard where you look at their daily results, measure what’s happening and coach them in the process.

To get them at their optimal personal performance, you could look at

>>> How well are they meditating?
>>> Do they have visions for their lives?
>>> Are they able to manage their state and breathing patterns?


It’s not your responsibility to help everybody. This relieves the pressure.

>>> Our goal is to reach one person who needs our help the most, with the message that helps them the most, at the right time. We try to deliver quality strategies, tools and tips to reach that person in the world,and we simplify it so we know we can do it everyday.

Everyday we receive notes saying, “Thanks I needed that today.”
We respond by saying, “Yes, that’s great, I’m proud of you,” Some need to hear it 3 times before they believe it.

Every single day, aim to help people and it will make a difference.

Nabila S Ahmed 

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