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Sep 10, 2018

Facebook posts can be anything from tips and how-to tutorials to product reviews and answering frequently asked questions on the topic of your expertise. Research what type of content your target audience love and write a post or a series of posts on that topic.

1) Write a compelling title with your keywords.

2) Research, draft and write the main content.

3) Introduce the topic.

4) Divide the text into digestible chunks using bullet points or numbered lists.

5) At the end, add a call-to-action or ask a question to encourage readers to comment.

6) Add a related image with your logo on it.

7) Proofread and post it.

After every post, remember to reply to comments and view the analytics. You could take it one step further and repurpose the post as a video, visual, audio (podcast) or even as a post in another social media platform.

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Nabila Sara Ahmed

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