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Jul 30, 2018

MashaAllah, there are many talented entrepreneurs here ranging from beautiful painters and crafters to graphic designers. It’s easy to upload your products onto eBay or Etsy. The real challenge kicks in when it comes down to marketing your products.

I used to design and sell digital card patterns. Sounds small but I managed to grow it to 5-figures in my first year, by the fadhal of Allah, while working from the comfort of my home and not having to ship a single product. I did it using a FUNNEL.

========== WHAT’S A FUNNEL? ==========

The system which takes a prospect from an advert to your core offer is called a FUNNEL. My one looked something like this,

Facebook Ad > Free Simple Pattern > Etsy Shop filled with Premium Patterns.

In other words, I offered my target audience a FREE sample of my product in my Facebook Advert. Once my prospects downloaded it and saw “value” in it, they became interested enough to purchase my premium designs which I sold in my Etsy shop.

When I entered the world of Digital Marketing and started working with Entrepreneurial Muslim, I realised they used a funnel too. Their funnel looks like this:

Facebook Ad > Sign-up Page > Free Webinar > Application > Skype Call.

How does a funnel work and how can you apply it to your arts and craft business?

>>> What’s your Core Offer?

Firstly, let’s get clear on what the core offer actually is. I sold digital downloads in my Etsy shop. At Entrepreneurial Muslim, we offer admission to our flagship business coaching program, Legacypreneur University.

>>> What's your Lead Magnet?

Before we advertise our core product or service, we need to create a magnet to attract the right customers and collect their email addresses. This lead magnet should be a small part of your core offer, and can be packaged as something like a digital download, webinar or consultation.

In the world of arts and craft, this could mean offering free samples, hosting a giveaway or even a coupon code.

Most people charge for this lead magnet, but our secret is to give it away for FREE. That means we can easily get our products and services into the hands of our ideal customer and show them the great value we have to offer.

========== WHAT’S YOUR FUNNEL? ==========

1) Facebook Advert

It all starts with a Facebook advert. This could be an image or video inviting prospects to sign up to your FREE lead magnet. The image and language you choose to use should aim to hit the pain points of your target audience and entice them to click on your offer.

2) Landing Page

Once a prospect clicks on your ad, they are taken to a sign up page, also called a landing page, where they submit their email address in exchange for your free lead magnet. Once you have collected their email addresses, continue to give them value through email campaigns and aim to establish enough trust for them to consider buying your core offer in the future.

3) Your Lead Magnet / Freebie

Your prospect will receive a confirmation email and will be directed to the lead magnet that they signed up for. Remember to give your prospects immense value. Make them think, “WOW.” This will help to establish you as an authority and develop trust. Plus, once your prospects see how much value you have to offer, they will want to learn more and be more willing to purchase your product or service.

4) Your Shop

From your lead magnet, give prospects a link (or a business card) to your shop or your website. This is the opportunity to really show them what they can achieve through your products or services.

These are the four simple steps we use to turn a prospect into a customer. To learn more about funnels and how you can apply them to your business, be sure to PM me or apply for a free one-to-one call with us.

>>> Apply here:

May Allah bless you with success, as always.

Nabila Sara Ahmed

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