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Aug 06, 2018

“Why don’t you cover your baby’s face too?” I was peacefully walking down the road, dreaming about my next Facebook funnel idea when I was rudely stopped and shouted at.

I listened, smiled with my eyes (that’s the best I could do with a niqab) and walked away. She had some funky ideas and I wasn’t really interested in listening BUT that’s exactly what I feel like a lot of marketers do when they start marketing their products.


The question is, why would someone be interested in YOUR funky ideas and want to buy your premium offers if they don’t even know you? And even if they did know you, would they really trust you enough to invest £1000 in your course?

I’m afraid not. So, what do you do then? It’s easy...

You have to build a relationship with your target audience so that they can begin to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST YOU, and here’s how...


1. Target a specific audience. Find out exactly who your target audience are and then use words which directly talk to them and their pain points.

2. Do your research and create content that your target audience would love to learn about. The content you create should be engaging, interesting and entertaining.

3. Create a website, blog, Facebook page and/or any other social media profile to display your content. Remember, people learn in different ways so widen the fishing net by exploring podcasts, infographics, eBooks and videos.

4. Create a lead magnet like a FREE PDF guide or video series to show prospects some of your premium content and collect their email addresses at the same time.

5. Position yourself as an expert. You could do this by joining communities like Facebook groups and contributing to them by posting amazing content regularly and answering questions.

6. Build relationships with influencers in your niche. By way of sponsoring or joint ventures, you could increase your exposure to their audience and grow a bigger following.

7. Interview the experts and write guest blogs. Similar to the tip above, this helps you to reach their audience and become “known” in one of the fastest ways possible.


1. Be friendly. This includes offering advice and support to your followers. Another way you could show your generosity is by promoting and sharing other people’s content.

2. Get personal. When you share your stories, you come across as a real and relatable person.

3. Use simple words instead of professional jargon. This makes you more approachable.

4. Ask questions, listen and research to discover your audience’s struggles and goals. Having open discussions and sharing solutions with your followers shows that you really care about them.

5. Engage and interact with your audience. Similar to the point above, spend more time building relationships than selling your products and services. Have meaningful conversations and always be there to offer advice.

6. Show social proof. This could be the number of people who liked, shared or commented on a post. Statistics show that big numbers help to attract more numbers.

7. Be authentic and always speak the truth no matter what. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it and apologise. Trust me, your followers will love you for it.


1. Consistently post out quality content. Don’t let the expectations of your followers down and continue to deliver value on a regular basis.

2. Share some of your premium content. This displays your expertise and is a great way to give them a sneak preview of the value which you have to offer.

3. Stick to your word. If you made a promise, be sure to follow it through and deliver what your audience are expecting.

4. Include testimonials. Ask some of your previous students to share their experience and the results they achieved while working with you. Their experience adds to your credibility.

5. Display case studies. Give real life examples of people who achieved outstanding results after working with you.

6. Offer guarantees. Having something like a 30-day money-back guarantee helps your audience to confidently buy without worrying about the risks.

7. Avoid copying or stealing other people’s ideas. Plagiarism hurts your credibility so try to stay away from it. Instead, model their ideas by taking their concept and presenting it in your own unique style.

These were just a few powerful tips you could use to build relationships and get people to know, like and trust you. To learn how you can start implementing these strategies in your business, feel free to PM us or schedule a FREE call at >>> http://bit.ly/EMCoachingCall

May Allah give you success in everything that you do.

Nabila Sara Ahmed

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