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Apr 09, 2018

Do you have a product or service that’s not selling so well? Have you tried adjusting your ad copy and testing different images, but still aren't getting any conversions?

More than likely, it’s because your offer doesn't sound appealing enough to get your prospects to click the “BUY NOW” button.

🔥 Here are 3 fundamental subjects to work on when you’re crafting your irresistible offer. 🔥

1) The Headline

The headline is so important. It’s the hook that grabs your prospect’s attention and pulls them in to read more. If your headline isn’t good enough, your prospects will swim away without even reading your main offerings.

>>> Make a specific and confident promise using both LOGIC and EMOTIONS. People like to buy from someone who they are certain can help them solve their problem.

“Give me 2 hours and I’ll get you quality leads, more than you can handle.”

>>> To make it even better, add a time-frame and overcome an objection.

“How you can achieve X benefit, in Y number of days, without having to do Z.”

2) The Copy

Get personal and use emotions to connect with your readers. It’s a fact, people buy on emotions rather than logic.

a) Tell them how you achieved your results.

>>> Hit their pain points and suggest solutions.

b) Tell them how others are doing it too.

>>> Show testimonials of how others are achieving similar results to you.

c) Tell them how they can also achieve the same results.

>>> What are the benefits?
>>> What milestones can they achieve?
>>> What bonuses do you offer?

Mention what their emotions are like right now and what their emotions would be like after the transformation that you offer.

3) The Call-to-Action

Many of us don’t take action either because we are unsure what to do next, or because we delay it for “later.” Always tell your readers what the next step is and the reason why they should buy from you right NOW.

>>> Add scarcity and urgency to your offer.

*** Extra Cool Tips***

>>> Talk about the special benefits you have that differentiates you from your competitors.

>>> Use the same words in your offer that your target audience use on a day-to-day basis. This is so you can resonate with them better.

>>> Add an FAQ section to answer any questions or objections your prospects may have.

And that’s how to create an offer that’s so irresistible that it’s worth more than a lifetime supply of jellebies. To learn more about crafting offers, feel free to PM me or apply for a free one-to-one call with us (

May Allah bless you with more...

Nabila S Ahmed

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