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Apr 16, 2018

A PDF guide or document is the simplest form of a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something you offer for free to attract your target audience and make them give you their email address.

Once you have collected their email address, you can begin to nurture them and eventually sell your products and services. Your PDF can be a checklist, a report, a step-to-step guide or an eBook.


Figure out a common PROBLEM your target audience has and deliver the solution to it in the SIMPLEST and QUICKEST way.

Aim to give as much VALUE as possible. The more value you give, the more trust and authority you will establish, which in turn helps to convert prospects into customers.

======== HOW TO WRITE A PDF ========

Type up your content using any word processor such as Microsoft Word, Pages or Google Docs. Here are extra tips to make your PDF stand out.

>>> Break up the text using headings and subheadings.

>>> Summarise the information using bullet points and numbered lists.

>>> Add your logo and a few related images.

>>> Design a cover page using a graphics program like Canva.

>>> Proofread your PDF before publishing it out to the world.

====== HOW TO STRUCTURE A PDF ======

1) Write a Powerful Headline.

>>> Choose intriguing adjectives and use specific figures. For example, “5 Proven Ways to Achieve…”

2) Introduce Yourself.

>>> Welcome readers and give them a summary of who you are and what you do.

>>> Mention your experience and what credibility you have to teach this subject.

3) Introduce the Topic.

>>> Talk about what benefits your readers can gain by reading this PDF.

>>> Pre-frame your readers to enjoy the content by saying something along the lines of, “You will receive lots of value!”

4) Break your PDF into 5 - 7 steps.

>>> In each step, say what the step is and why it is important.

>>> Talk about how to implement each step.

>>> Give evidence or a real life example to support your points.

>>> Handle any objections your readers may have.

5) Add a Call-to-Action at the End.

>>> Tell them what the next step is towards the product or service that you offer.

>>> Give your email address and social media links to let your readers know how they can connect with you.


>>> Create an account with an email service provider like MailChimp. Attach your PDF to the welcome email your audience receive when they opt-in to get your PDF.

>>> Setup a landing page for those who are interested to type in their email address and receive the PDF. You could set this up through the email service provider or on your website.

>>> Advertise your PDF to your target audience and send them to your landing page.

>>> Use their email addresses to sell your products and services through email and facebook marketing.


1) How long does it have to be?
>>> Do not focus on the length. Aim to give your readers valuable information, concisely. A PDF of 5-7 pages is usually enough.

2) What if I don’t have much credibility?

>>> Then you shouldn’t be teaching the subject. Only kidding! Remember that people are looking for solutions to their problems and not always credibility.

>>> Talk about your experience of the subject. Sometimes, this does better because you can connect with your reader’s emotions.

>>> Leverage off someone else’s credibility. For example, “What I learnt from the top 5 Podiatrists in London.”

3) Where can I get a researcher, writer, proofreader, designer and marketer to do all the work for me?

>>> Hire a freelancer from a website like Remember to check their previous work and reviews.

4) Where can I advertise my PDF?

>>> Let your friends and family know on your Facebook profile. Encourage them to tag friends they know who might be interested.

>>> Add a sign-up button to your Facebook Business Page with a link to your landing page. Tell people about it on the Cover Photo of your Page.

>>> Put the link up on relevant Facebook Groups, with the admins’ permission of course.

>>> Run Facebook adverts to it. Needless to say, this is the quickest and most efficient way to get quality leads.

And that’s how to plan and create an AWESOME PDF guide. For more information on how to create your own, drop me a comment below or feel free to PM me. May Allah bless you.

Nabila S Ahmed

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