Entrepreneurial Muslim Productive Time Management Strategies
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Entrepreneurial Muslim Productive Time Management Strategies

May 24, 2018

Entrepreneurial Muslim thrives on the ethos of having effective use of time so that you get more out of your day. Productivity is key and taking action is all part of using your time effectively to ensure that your tasks get completed and you feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

If you are looking for some tips to effectively manage your time, then look no further! Entrepreneurial Muslim has come up with some sure fire tips to get you on the right track to managing your time so that you can achieve more and reach your full potential!

Tip #1

Always begin your day from Fajr. If you can get up a little bit earlier then this than you will gain more blessed time as in the last 3rd of the night you can take care of all your spiritual needs. Always start with a dua, ask Allah for how you want your day to go, what things you want protection for, asks for whatever your heart desires for.

Tip #2

If you do not already do this, then try writing down your goals every day. This can help you stay focus on what you want to achieve and motivate you to get it done!

Tip #3

Create a weekly to do list. You should have a weekly to do list. Your weeks should be scheduled into your months. If I know that I have to work and have 8 hours in my day. I would basically take each task that I have to do. If it takes 5 minutes to send an email I would take 5 minutes to do that.

Tip #4

Avoid procrastination. This is the worst thing you can do if you want to get tasks done during the day. Keep your focus on your task and work towards completing what you have set out to do or getting the share of work that you are supposed to do completed on time. This will help you to stay on track of things and not fall behind with your work.

Tip #5

Make Dua. Making dua is critical and you can do this any time of the day or after your every Salah. The best times are straight after you pray and you turn to Allah and ask him for guidance and help and to make it easy for you to accomplish all that you want throughout the day Insha’Allah.

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