Creating the Ultimate Vision for your Business
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Creating the Ultimate Vision for your Business

May 31, 2018

Having a vision for your Muslim business and what you want to achieve can enhance your performance and motivate you to take action daily in order to be successful in your endeavours.

Most individuals never consider what they wish in their lives or set out their vision for the future. As Muslims we know our future is already written but that does not mean that we shouldn’t put effort into our everyday lives.

Some people live without this knowledge or premeditation and become victims of their own condition. Work is simply about a job – to make do financially, however work can play a real purpose in life by genuinely helping people to achieve.

A major mode to manifesting the life you wish is to think over what you wish out of life. What is it that you wish to do with your life?

After you’ve put down a list of what you wish to achieve in your life, you’ll need to set priorities for them. Simply take the list that you put down and provide every topic 1 – 5 points. 1 becoming the least crucial to five points becoming the most.

Now you’ve priorities in your life, which will help you determine where you wish your attention to be. It’s an easy equation: comprehend simply that you wish to spend most of your time with the number 1 matter on your list.

Spend somewhat less time with the number 2 entry on your list – and so forth for numbers 3 through 5. There’s no need to slice the day into time slots. Just by doing this exercise you’re programming your consciousness to spend time harmonizing with your list.

When you check into your thought process at the end of the day and you discover that you’ve not spent most of your spare time addressing this goal, you’ve a misalignment, and you might never accomplish your goal. When this occurs merely realize it and correct accordingly.

Working all day only to sit down on your couch and watch television won’t get you where you wish to be. You have to take action to manifest your goals.

If your goal happens to be that you wish to be a millionaire inside 5 years, and you’re spending only 5 minutes of your time every day to achieve this goal, then don’t be surprised if your financial state of affairs never alters. There’s another crucial aspect of manifestation here that calls for consistency.

Therefore, take consistent actions today to ensure that your vision manifests itself into reality and that your goals are accomplished in the time frame that you wish to achieve it!

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