Achieve in 90 Days What People Achieve in a Year
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Achieve in 90 Days What People Achieve in a Year

Apr 19, 2018

According to science, humans can’t efficiently plan for more than 90 days ahead. If we take this principle and tie it with optimum self-development and productivity, we can achieve in 90 days what it takes most people an entire year to do.

This proven system of planning and executing results-focused tasks, intertwined with special personal management techniques can help you to achieve more and rapidly accelerate your business forward, inshaAllah.

***** Here are 3 steps to optimise your business and personal performance.*****

======== Plan for Results ========

1) Analyse your previous progress and figure out where you are now.

>>> What is the current status of your business?

>>> What tasks are you spending a lot of time doing but not getting much results with?

>>> What tasks are helping you to achieve the best results?

2) Use your answers to plan your next 90 days.

>>> Split your business into themes such as sales funnels, creating new offers and / or branding.

>>> Focus on one aspect and allocate a time scale to it. This could be a single day, 2 weeks or even the full 90 days.

>>> List all the action items required to reach that goal.

3) Get into the habit of planning DAILY.

>>> Brainstorm your ideas, find the ones which will make an impact on your target audience and simplify them into actionable tasks.

>>> Prioritise the 3 most important tasks in the day and eat that frog.

>>> Create a guide for yourself on how to achieve the most out of these tasks.

For example, if your task is to create content, your system would be to research, summarise and write. What are the exact steps to make sure you execute these steps efficiently?

Creating and focusing on themes allows you to be conscious of your goals and helps you to stay focused and on track with the specific tasks that help you to achieve those goals.

======== Execute and Review ========

1) Identify what objective data can be measured every 2 weeks to assess your performance. This will be your Strategic Performance Indicators (SPI).

>>> Pinpoint what is the actual result to judge whether you have achieved your goal or not.

>>> Determine what data can you measure to see how well you have achieved your goals.

>>> If you have a team, allocate a certain role with certain tasks to each team member. This will mean each team member has a different SPI.

2) Execute the tasks which leads to greater results.

>>> Allocate a time that you usually have peak performance in.

>>> Cut off distractions and completely focus on those tasks during that allocated time.

>>> Follow your guide on how to achieve the most out of these tasks.

3) Review your progress every 2 weeks.

>>> Analyse your SPI: look at what worked well and what didn’t.

>>> Identify what you can learn from the data.

>>> Use this data to plan your next 2 weeks.

This intentional planning and feedback loop helps your business to be flexible and adaptable. As you draw closer to your goals, this system gives you the powerful momentum and motivation required to achieve your goals successfully.

============ Delegate ============

One way to stay focused, organised and achieve your goals even faster is by delegating your tasks.

>>> Write down all the tasks that you want to outsource.

>>> Hire the people who are knowledgeable and experienced in efficiently executing each particular task.

>>> Help them to achieve peak performance by motivating them, training them further and encouraging them to be spiritually, mentally and physically strong.

***Extra Juicy Tip***

Every 2 weeks, validate your business by surveying your target audience and finding out what their present struggles and needs are.

InshaAllah, by systemising your business using these steps, you will be able to remain focused on results, adaptable to changes and persistent upon execution, despite all the great obstacles that come your way.

Nabila S Ahmed 

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