Meet the team behind Entrepreneurial Muslim

Aaqib Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Aaqib Ahmed is the Founder of Entrepreneurial Muslim. He's worked with leading Muslim brands helping them with Facebook marketing. He has featured on Islam Channel's TV show "Living the Life" six times. What sets him and his company apart is the results and success stories of his students and clients who have generated millions of dollars using his proven business training and strategies.

Yasar Abbas

Success, Sales & Mindset Coach

Yasar Abbas has led a team to drive yearly sales of +£250 million for leading retailer Argos’ Home Delivery network. He has a championship mindset, and he's also been a fitness trainer. Yasar has been EM's Success Coach for more than four years and he has helped hundreds of Legacy students with their businesses and lives.

Arfa Saira Iqbal

Business + Marketing Coach (Sisters)

Arfa Saira Iqbal is an award-winning copywriter, digital marketer and published author. Her primary focus is on helping business owners increase their sales and revenue by converting more clicks to customers. With over 10 years of experience in direct response and digital marketing, her specialism is in creating sales funnels and pre-selling mastery – skills which hinge heavily on being able to understand how customers think. She also consults with 6 and 7 figure businesses to clarify their message, launch new products and services and refine their marketing to ultimately increase their profits. Collectively, she has made her clients more than 7 figures and has worked with non-profits, agencies and entrepreneurs, as well as internet marketers and other businesses in a range of industries.

Mohammed Kamil Sheikh

Business + Marketing Coach (Brothers)

Mohammed has many years of digital marketing experience and has successfully generated over £1 million in revenue for his clients. He knows a thing or two about getting targeted traffic and converting them into sales. He is also a Mufti, holds a Masters Degree in Education (MEd), qualified Trainer and Assessor and a Chartered Manager (CMgr Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership). MKS is also very active in the Local Community helping and supporting Charities and dedicates two days a week to the development of charities and community projects.

Humayun Roshid

High-Ticket Enrolment Expert

Humayun is a passionate entrepreneur who is referred to as the multi-six figure closer. Humayun works directly with Aaqib Ahmed to understand student needs and helps them appreciate their potential for the Legacy programme. His main priority is to qualify and enrol students who will have the potential to become successful and make an impact in the Digital environment. He has pioneered the pre-framing and enrolment process at Entrepreneurial Muslim and he is on track to becoming a 7-Figure Closer in 2020. Our students always have a positive enrolment experience with Humayun and they see big improvements in their mindset through extra clarity and motivation. With student lives being changed.


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